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Point Of Care Testing Equipment

Point of Care Testing Equipment

Point of Care Testing Equipment

Point Of Care Testing (POCT) brings the test conveniently and immediately to the patient and increases the possibilities of the patient receiving the test result in a timely manner. POCT involves the extensive use of portable, and hand-held instruments like glucose analyzer, albumin analyzer device etc., and test kits. Cost effective, smaller, faster and smarter Point Of Care Testing Devices increase the accessibility & preference of POCT.

Solutions That Meet Our Customers’ Needs
MegaCare International Inc., believes that availability of improved devises for PCOT, will bring timely, and accurate diagnosis for patients and will make the difference between life and death. Hence, it offers a wide array of Point Of Care Testing equipment & instruments that suffice the requirement of POCT centers.

Point of Care Testing Equipment - Micro Albumin Analyser

Point of Care Testing Equipment - Micro Albumin Analyser

HemoCue Albumin Systems The HemoCue Albumin systems deliver accurate & fast quantitative determination of low levels of albumin in urine. They are used for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and supporting the clinical evidence in the treatment of microalbuminuria. The system consists of a analyzer and individually packaged microcuvettes. The cuvette reacts on the basis of immunoturbidimetric reaction and the turbidity once formed is measured photometrically at 610 nm. 3 simple steps lead to the results in just 90 seconds.

Key Benefits Excellent precision High level of accuracy Accurate results within 90 seconds Factory calibrated Measurement range 5–150 mg/L without dilution. Samples up to and including 2000 mg/L can be obtained with samples diluted with isotonic sodium chloride Analysis can be performed with spot urine, preferably first morning urine, as well as urine collected overnight or during 24 hours Minimal maintenance System can be used by non-laboratory personnel
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Point of Care Testing Equipment - Glucose Analyzer

Point of Care Testing Equipment - Glucose Analyzer

The HemoCue Glucose analyzing system functions on a glucose dehydrogenase method and consists of a small dedicated analyzer, disposable microcuvette and is factory calibrated requiring no configurations. The system combines has the precision and accuracy that a centralized laboratory will deliver and yet mobile to access results at the point-of-care. The HemoCue Glucose systems produces immediate and accurate results for screening, diagnosing or monitoring diabetes and neonatal blood glucose levels with just a drop of blood and in three simple steps.
Benefits of Glucose Analyzer Suitable for use by non-laboratory personnel by brief training Delivers lab quality results within moments Disposable microcuvettes automatically draw the required volume of specimen Analyzers are factory calibrated Minimum of maintenance required No calibration needed between cuvette batch

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