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Gynaecology Equipment

Gynaecology Equipment - Glucose Analyzer

Gynaecology Equipment - Glucose Analyzer

HemoCue Glucose Analyzer works on a glucose dehydrogenase method. The system has a small dedicated analyzer and a unique disposable microcuvette. The Glucose Analyzer combines the precision and accuracy of a central laboratory and the speed and convenience of obtaining results at the earliest possible time. With a drop of blood and three simple steps, the HemoCue Glucose system produces immediate and accurate results, thus aiding quick screening, diagnosing or monitoring diabetes, blood glucose level etc.
Benefits of Glucose Analyzer Easy to use - non-laboratory personnel can use when trained Lab quality results within minutes Disposable microcuvettes automatically draws required volume of sample Analyzer is factory calibrated System requires minimum of maintenance Calibration between cuvette batches not required.

Gynaecology Equipment - Micro Albumin Analyser

Gynaecology Equipment - Micro Albumin Analyser

HemoCue Albumin Systems HemoCue Albumin Analysing systems offer by us are suitable for the quantitative determination of low levels of albumin in urine. The system delivers accurate result consistently, thus supporting the clinical evidence in the treatment of microalbuminuria. The Albumin Analyser consists of a analyzer and individually packaged microcuvettes. The reaction in the cuvette is based on a immunoturbidimetric reaction and turbidity once formed is measured photometrically at 610 nm.
Benefits of HemoCue Albumin Analyzing systems High level of precision and accuracy 3 simple steps to test Accurate result within 90 seconds Factory calibrated instrument Measurement range 5–150 mg/L without dilution. Samples up to and including 2000 mg/L can be obtained with samples diluted with isotonic sodium chloride Analysis can be performed with spot urine, preferably first morning urine, as well as urine collected overnight or during 24 hours Less maintenance required Easy to use. Non-laboratory personnel can use with brief training

Gynaecology Equipment

Gynaecology Equipment

Gynaecology involves health care services for couples desirous of having children, expectant mothers, and also special care during and post pregnancy. Every Gynaecology & Obstetrics center aims to offers the highest standard of services including all required clinical facilities. Timely treatment demands proper diagnosis and clinical tests, and a center equipped with latest and the best diagnosis facility score high on recovery success. A Gynaecology & Obstetrics center that is equipped with state-of-the-art clinical instruments scores on service excellence.

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We are a reliable source of medical supplies catering to diverse Gynaecology & Obstetrics center across India. Our access to modern instruments & equipment manufactured by leaders in the domain and effective supply chain management, enables us to deliver modern, cost effective and quality certified instruments.
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