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Tube Sealers We, in association with Span Healthcare, offer a wide range of Tube Sealers includes:



Model 2380 Mini Tube Sealer is a heavy-duty battery operated tube sealer ideal for use in apheresis applications, for leukoreduction processes and instances where mobility and electrical safety cannot be compromised. It includes Model 2380 Power Source, Model 1105 Hand Held Sealing Head, one NiCad battery pack and a handy canvas carrying case.
Product features:
  • Certified for patient connected use
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of mobility
  • Model 1105 Hand Held Sealing Head is comfortable and easy to use
  • 1500 seals per fully charged battery pack
  • Recharges in just two hours
  • Patented SMART Electronics automatically adjust for different sized tubing
  • Tear seal feature makes segments that can be separated by hand
  • One-year warranty on parts and labor

Blood Bank - Blood bags

Blood Bank Tube Sealer

Model 2490 Sealite Tube Sealer is battery operated and seals tubing typically used in apheresis collections and leukoreduction processing. It is ideal at instances where mobility and electrical safety are important.
It includes a power source with integrated battery, charger, carry case, coiled RF cable and Model 1105 Hand Held Sealing Head.
Product features:
  • Certified for patient-connected use
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of mobility
  • 250 seals on apheresis tubing and 325 seals on standard blood bag tubing per full charge
  • Convenient coiled RF cable
  • Light weight with small footprint
  • Four hour quick charge with low battery indicator light
  • Contemporary carry case design for waist or shoulder

Blood Bank Sealer

An ideal sealer for high volume centers with heavy-duty demands. The Model 2600 OMNI Power Source provides flexibility in sealing by powering either a segmenting or hand-held sealing head. Its durable and compact design leaves more room in the work area. The system is CE marked and CSA approved.
Product features:
  • High speed segmenting
  • Handles heavy-duty demands
  • Seals cold or warm tubing (8-38°C)
  • Produces wide tear seals
  • Cooler jaws reduce risk of hemolysis
  • Versatile hand sealing
  • Ideal for cell processing including cell wash and cryoprecipitate tubing
  • Operates within an eight foot radius of power source
  • Power adjusts automatically

Blood Bank - JMS MODEL HS-21

Model HS-21 is a high frequency sealing portable tube sealer operated on batteries.
Product features:
  • Safe and secure sealing
  • Portable battery unit
  • Maximum flexibility and mobility

Blood Bank Top Sealer


This model has a sleek design that allows quick and strong seals and a better vantage point for the operator. It is compact and convenient for mobile use.

It is ideal for sealing in collection areas and transfusion centers. It is C-UL-US and CE marked.


An ideal sealer for whole blood bag tubing. This sealer is best suited for small to medium collection areas.

It features an integrated head to minimize clutter and make transport easy. The touch activated jaws produce wide and reliable seals that are easy to separate. It is CE marked.

Blood Bank - JMS MODEL HS-03

Model HS-03 is a high frequency tube sealer. It is designed to seal blood bag tubing easily, quickly and safely.
Product features:
  • Safe and secure sealing
  • Heavy-duty model
  • Bench unit and handle unit

Blood Bank - Digital Blood Collection Monitors

Model AB-20 is a blood collection device combining scale and mixer functions. Its flexible system meets all demands for total quality control in blood management.
Product features:
  • Simplified operations
  • Battery operation for mobile use
  • Flexible data management capability
  • Bar code reading function

Blood Bank Monitor

Model AB-20E is a superior version of Model AB-20. Along with the high reliability of the previous model, it also offers efficient blood collection support at a reasonable cost.
Product features:
  • Continuous blood flow checking
  • Battery operation for mobile use
  • Automatic blood collection
  • Precise blood volume measuring

Blood Bank Equipments

Model 500A is more than just a system to automatize blood donations. It is equipped to monitor and store every donation automatically as well as transfer the data directly to a computer.
Product features:
  • Programmable volume to be extracted
  • Bag and anticoagulant automatic tare
  • Manual and automatic tubing obturation clamp
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Control and alarm of high/low flow
  • Control and alarm indicating lack of tubulure
  • Permanent agitation of the extracted unit
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with two rows and 16 characters each that show donation time, flow (ml/s), the volume collected and alarms
  • Computer interphase connection through RS-232 port
  • Storage up to 500 donations along with all parameters
  • Transporting handles on cabinet
  • Auto calibrating system
  • Auto chargeable battery
  • 48 hours battery backup
  • Battery status indicator

Blood Bank Digital Blood Shaker

SEBRA Shakers' real-time flow indicators offer immediate feedback which helps reduce waste by radically decreasing overweight and underweight units. Continuous and thorough mixing eliminates blood clots and clogging of filters. Model 1440 is a battery capable shaker.
Product features:
  • Complete flow cut-off once collection weight is reached
  • Displays start and finish time of collection
  • Suitable for mobile environments
  • Elevated controls are within easy reach
  • Calibrates in less than 15 seconds
  • Accurate to within 2% (12 grams) for standard collections
  • Short bleed times (6 minutes average)
  • Milliliter or gram mode with a full or partial bag
  • Real-time flow rate indicators assist phlebotomists without alarming donors
  • Audio and visual alert at end of collection

Blood Bank - Weight Monitors

Model 1150 Blood Weight Monitor is an affordable and compact precision scale for mobile blood collections.

It can be readily mounted to donor beds or lounges. The model is easy to calibrate and use. It is accurate within +/-3º of level and does not require precision leveling during set-up.

Blood Bank - Plasma Extractor

  • Compatible to all makes of blood bags
  • Stainless steel casing is rust free and easy to clean
  • Thick transparent plate provides uniform pressure distribution and good visual indication
  • Power spring for consistent fluid flow

Blood Bank - Platelet Agitator & Incubator

We in association with Span Healthcare provides the PLA series of platelet agitators. These offer precise and consistent platform horizontal agitation, which is generally accepted as the most optimal mode of agitation platelet.

The model includes 48 Random Bags/16 Apheresis Bags

The model includes 96 Random Bags/32 Apheresis Bags

Product features:
  • Distinctly visible and audible alarm
  • Comprehensive user friendly alarm system
  • Perforated trays for maximum air ventilation
  • Smooth gliding and anti-slip tray drawer system
  • Heavy-duty linear bearing for smooth agitation
  • Digitally controlled auto error detection system
  • Minimal maintenance

Blood Bank - Automated Blood Component Extractor

for use in blood banks and transfusion centers. It can extract up to four different blood products out of one centrifuged blood bag.
Product features:
  • Wide range of blood bags
  • Up to five bags can be mounted in one process
  • Includes four balances
  • Includes a main press and second press with two positions
  • Supports every present process
  • Top & top and top & bottom process
  • Conducts plasma air extraction
  • Easy operator interface and easy programming of separate steps
  • Convenient for bar code reading and smart label reading
  • Equipped with software for easy date acquisition and management and easy integration into PC network

The Dual Press is an automatic blood component extractor for the preparation of plasma, red cell concentrate and platelets. The new machine allows the operator to process two blood donations simultaneously saving time, space and costs for the blood bank.
Product features:
  • Eight sealing heads
  • Bar code reader possible
  • Multilingual touch screen panel
  • Use of T&T and T&B bags possible
  • Four integrated and two external scales
  • Programs for all kinds of bags and preparations
  • Tube can be snapped into the sealing heads
  • Four self learning sensors for colour recognition of tubes and plasma

Blood Bank - Sterile Connecting Device

The device is a sterile connection unit that is compact, easy-to-use and secure in any blood collection environment.
Product features:
  • Welding of wet-to-wet, wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry tubing combinations
  • No cell necrosis or loss of blood product
  • Single wafer loading with one button operation and continuous monitoring display

Blood Bank - Donor Couch

Qualimed Comfy Couch is an elegant product focused on superior design, safety and hygiene. It ensures maximum comfort for the donor as well as the operator. The intelligent design significantly reduces the incidence of vasovagal attacks associated with blood donation.

Blood Bank - Apheresis Cell Separator

Product features:
  • Portable (< 30Kgs),
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Silent
  • Enhanced donor collection using single venous access to collect and return
  • Reliable with low failure/breakdown
  • Set-up for collection within five minutes
  • Protocol card-driven free upgrades for life
  • Superior product with un-activated platelets
  • Has a large base of users in the country, almost over 100 hospitals
  • Performs all protocols like:
  • Single Donor Red (SDR) cell (Two units of RBCs from a single donor)
  • SDR-P (red blood cells and plasma from a single donor)
  • Leuko-Depleted Platelets (LDP)
  • LDP-RBC (platelet and rbc from a single donor)
  • Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP)/ Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)
  • Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) collections
  • Therapeutic and Autologous Erythropheresis (TAE)
  • Granulocyte/White Cell Therapy/Therapeutic Leukopheresis

Micro Albumin Analyser

HemoCue Albumin SystemsHemoCue Albumin Analysing systems offer by us are suitable for the quantitative determination of low levels of albumin in urine. The system delivers accurate result consistently, thus supporting the clinical evidence in the treatment of microalbuminuria. The Albumin Analyser consists of a analyzer and individually packaged microcuvettes. The reaction in the cuvette is based on a immunoturbidimetric reaction and turbidity once formed is measured photometrically at 610 nm.
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Benefits of HemoCue Albumin Analyzing systemsHigh level of precision and accuracy3 simple steps to testAccurate result within 90 secondsFactory calibrated instrumentMeasurement range 5–150 mg/L without dilution.Samples up to and including 2000 mg/L can be obtained with samples diluted with isotonic sodium chlorideAnalysis can be performed with spot urine, preferably first morning urine, as well as urine collected overnight or during 24 hoursLess maintenance requiredEasy to use. Non-laboratory personnel can use with brief training

WBC Analyzer

HemoCue WBC Analyzer is a unique pediatrics testing system for quantitative determination of white blood cell count. Based on the proven and reliable microcuvette technology, HemoCue WBC Analyser delivers lab quality results in minutes. The system requires 10 µL of whole blood from a finger-stick or a venous EDTA sample. The HemoCue WBC system is a device that provides quantitative results of a patient's WBC count in just 3 minutes. This enables the physician in evaluating a patient's condition immediately and administer required treatment.
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Key BenefitsAccurate results in 3 minutesWBC Count in the range of 0.3-30.0 x 109/LSimple operationNo calibration or instrument adjustment requiredConvenient cuvette technologyCapillary/venous samples can be used - 10 µL sample sizePortable - AC adapter or battery operated
Hemolyzation of red blood cells determines the white blood cell count. After hemolyzation, a color staining of white cells in the HemoCue WBC Microcuvette is done and the image of the stained white cells is taken. The number of cells are counted in the HemoCue WBC Analyzer.Measuring range : 0.3-30.0 x 109/L (300-30000/mm3, 300-30000/µL)Measuring time : 3 minutesSample material : Capillary or venous (EDTA) whole bloodSample volume : 10 µLQuality control : Built-in self testInterfaces : RS 232 (printer)Dimensions : 7.28 x 5.24 x 4.72 inches (185 x 133 x 120 mm)Weight : 1.32 pounds (600g) with batteries installedPower : 6 AA batteries or power adapter

Surgery Equipment - Cell Saver

Haemonetics invented surgical blood salvage products nearly thirty years ago and has been an innovator in the field ever since. Cell Saver® autologous blood recovery systems are used in operating room procedures wherein there is rapid bleeding or high-volume blood loss
The CS5+offers: The latest in microprocessor and sensor technologies Full automation with the option of switching to manual operation at any time A compact and portable design which makes it easy to transport Advanced optics that assure consistent processing and a high-quality blood product Bowl technology that provides fast processing and a consistent and high-quality blood product Flexibility with 225ml, 125ml and 70ml bowls that expand processing options Sequestering capabilities that enable semiautomatic collection of platelet-rich plasma Built-in safety features that protect the patient's blood and the machine operator Excellent service and support from a company that recently won, consecutively for the second year, the Omega Northface Award for service excellence

CS5+ usage:
The CS5+ Cell Saver system can be used for:

Intraoperative Autotransfusion
Appropriate procedures include cardiac, vascular, orthopedic, pediatric, transplant, urologic and trauma surgery.

Preoperative Plasma and Platelet Sequestration
The CS5+ Cell Saver system is often used to sequester platelets and plasma from a patient immediately before surgery. The sequestered components are returned to the patient, if required, thereby reducing the need for allogeneic (donor) blood products and the inherent risks that are associated with donor blood.

Perioperative Platelet Sequestration
The enhanced sensor technology of the CS5+ Cell Saver system gives operators a consistent process for collection of Platelet-Rich Plasma ("PRP") with flexibility in producing ideal PRP volumes. PRP sequestered by the CS5+ Cell Saver system is often used to produce autologous platelet gel. Platelets are known to contain "growth factors" that enhance wound healing and bone growth. However, the production and application of autologous platelet gel is considered a "practice of medicine." Therefore, Haemonetics cannot recommend or endorse specific procedures for production of platelet gel nor does it make any claims about the clinical efficacy of such procedures.

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